Monday, October 27, 2008

What Is Power ????

Power = Force x Velocity
Power= Force x (Distance / Time)
Power= ( Force x Distance) / Time
Power= Energy / Time
Power= Work Done / Time
Power= Rate Of Flow Of Energy #

As an Ins. Advisor , meeting ppl is inevitable....
Although my experience in this line is only 1+ year ....
I met quite a lot of ppl who are really *perfect*....
*PERFECT* in my dictionary means SUCCESSFUL in LIFE : $$$ + love + Watever they do....

After Observing those who are PERFECT ,
Conclusion is Made in Phrases as Below....

Power Comes With Concentration ,
Hardworking Generates Power ,
Being Humble Is Boosting Power ,
Appreciate & Grateful Is The Key To Keep Power Forever ,
And ,
Power Gives Its Best When You Are Trying Or Doing Anything !!!!

Actually I Totally AGREE !!!!
Digest & Practise ,
It Will Make Us , so called ---> *PERFECT* !!!!

Credits to my Dear all Clients....
Thank You....

<------ credits to him too ....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

B'cuz Of You , THANK YOU !!!!

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Once , there was a boy , who knew nothing bout suffer . Not until a morning , at the age of 7 , he was sleeping , soundly , not knowing tat he would be entering a different life from tat day onwards , facing problems and teasing from ohters ... ... ...

Sumthing that was unwanted by anyone in their life had happened to this poor little boy , his ONLY LOVELY Father had passed away due to a sudden heart attack while jogging in the morning ... The morning that the boy didnt follow his dad to go exercise as usual.. .. ..

Since standard 2 , the boy had to learn to get used of doing things by himself ... Trials and Tribulations were , inevitably , happening on this boy , he went through them , as the going gets tough , the tough gets going . He had been looked down by teacher , n his own relatives s well .

Day after day , year after year , wat he had encountered mold him a better , tougher , more matured person . He would not feel embaressing of telling others that his dad passed away since he was std 1 !!!! He didnt worry or feeling afraid that ppl wil look down on him or tease him or watever that might hurt him , as he get used of all these , in other word , NUMB !!!!

It was a difficult process to go thru' the life like the boy , who was looked down by the ppl that were supposed to help him out . He was lucky , his neighbours , frens' parents , minority of the teachers n his relatiives had supported n given him a lot of helping hands !!!!

This boy has grown up , n i met him . He is feeling grateful of having such GOOD samaritans :
his neighbours , frens' parents , minority of the teachers n his relatiives in his life.

He taught me to appreciate whatever we are owning now . Appreciate & Gratitude ARE THE MOST VITAL THINGS THAT WE MUST PRACTISED IN OUR LIFE!!!!

Thank to those who have helped you before..
Thank to those who have scolded you for your own good..
Thank to those who concern bout you..
Thank to your parent/s THE MOST.. Do sth GREAT that would make them ProuD oF YoU..
Thank to those who advise you..
Thank to those who motivate n encourage you..
Thank to your Friends who treat you as a friend of them..

Last but not least , Thank You for being patient to view my first blog ... Thanks !!!!

Thank you to my Family members..
Thank you to all Of THEM who Have Helped Me Before..